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Published on 6. July 2016 | by Roz

PokerStars: Hot Turbos Poker Tournaments

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Contrary to some people’s immediate perception that poker tournaments are lengthy affairs needing plenty of time and patience, PokerStars has a massive selection of super fast ‘Hot Turbos’ scheduled every day of the week.

Hot Turbos are a great option for players pressed for time and wanting to feel the sensational adrenaline rush from a turbo charged poker tourney played in between the usual boring daily events.

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Guaranteed Prizepools and Low Buy Ins

The Hot Turbos at PokerStars are really fast paced tournaments where the blinds are increased every 5 minutes rather than every 10 to 15 minutes as they are in regular tournaments.

The prize pools of the Hot Turbos are always guaranteed by PokerStars ensuring that players get the prize money promised, no matter how many people buy into the Hot Turbo tournament.

As with all tournaments at PokerStars, the buy in prices prices vary from the lowest micro stakes levels to the ‘High Roller’ stakes for the pros.

Take your pick and build up your build confidence and your bankroll from your Hot Turbo experiences at PokerStars.

Check out the Sunday Hot Turbos at PokerStars where the prize money is jacked up to truly spectacular levels making Sundays absolutely sublime.

Fancy your chances in a high buy in Hot Turbo? Just play in the satellite qualifiers in the hours leading up to the start of the Hot Turbo you are interested in playing for a tiny fraction of the usual cost!

Dozens of Satellites Daily at PokerStars

There are dozens of satellites running throughout the 24 hour day at PokerStars for every major tournament making it a truly universal poker room with massive opportunities.

The ‘Daily Bigs’ are the high value tournaments scheduled every day at PokerStars and those are accessible through low cost satellite tournaments just like the Hot Turbos.

Players who have the patience to grind their way to the top without paying massive buy in fees are truly encouraged at PokerStars.

Learn to play poker like a pro by taking the free online tutorials at PokerStars Poker school. The videos are prepared by the professional players at PokerStars and give players who use the great tips and advice a unique opportunity to shine at the tables and make a stash of cash.

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