There are over a million poker players worldwide and this number is still growing because online poker has made it possible for any player to take part in the action. You can play for the smallest stakes imaginable so it doesn't matter if it is you’re first hand or millionth hand, all is welcome at poker tables at online casinos.

Online Poker

Online poker is the development of poker games played on the Internet. Players can thank online Poker for the rapid growth of poker gaming over the last fifteen years. Following the online poker revolution, almost everybody over 18 had heard of poker, especially Texas Hold 'em.

This is mainly due to poker being broadcast live on TV commencing with the World Poker Tour which people around the world was watching.

Online poker rooms were given the right to create satellite tournaments for recreational players to qualify for WPT events. This resulted in the rapid growth of players entering the annual online WSOP and other popular poker tournaments such as the EPT and the WPT.

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Online casinos offer many different variants of poker so before you start you should choose one that suits you best. Texas Hold'em is the most popular variant because it is relatively easy to learn but takes time to master. The hand rankings are the same across the board so make sure you memorize this before you start.

Online casinos also give you the opportunity to play live dealer poker. It is honestly the best of both worlds because you will feel like you are playing at a table in a land-based casino while playing from the comfort of your own home. On you can find a lot of fun stuff about poker online, bonuses and rakebacks.

How does it work?

When you log into your account you can go the live games section where you are able to choose your preferred game. You will then be transferred to a live game that is broadcast from a studio somewhere in the world. High tech cameras capture every inch of the game that which will be visible to you via video streaming. You will also have the option to communicate with your fellow players and the dealer with a live chat option.


Because Texas Hold'em is the most popular game, it might be a good idea to start with this variant.

Hold'em has four betting rounds and players must use one or two hole cards and three or four community cards to make their best possible 5-card hand.

Hole cards are for the player exclusively and are dealt face down while the community cards can be used by all player at the table and is dealt face up.

After the initial bets are placed the dealer will deal all players two hole cards. A round of betting follows this.

Then the first three community cards are dealt ('the flop') and a betting round follows. Then the fourth community card is dealt ('the turn') followed by a betting round and then the final community card is dealt ('the river') and a final betting round takes place.

New players have the opportunity to sharpen their online poker skills by practicing online at our recommended poker rooms. Every one of the poker rooms recommended at Classic Poker offers comprehensive poker tutorials.

If you are a new player, Classic Poker recommends that you get started by looking at our online poker dictionary and the poker rules.


Poker is a family of card games that share the same rules and often use the same hand ranking. Poker games vary depending on how the cards are dealt, how many hands can be created and if the lowest or highest hand wins.

In almost all poker games today, the game starts with some form of mandatory betting. The game is played to the left and every player has to bet or fold.

If a poker player folds, he forfeits his interest in the hand that was dealt. Many players like this betting structure because it gives them the option of withdrawing from the game.

Play Poker Online

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Rakeback—What is it? How Does it Work?

What is Rake?

Before being able to explain what rakeback is, it is important to firstly explain what 'rake' means: rake is a small percentage of the buy-in charge, that is, the fee paid to the 'house' (another word for the casino, either online or actual) for hosting a game of poker. It is important to understand that rake, and thus rakeback, are only applicable to poker.

A higher percentage of rake when playing tournament

The percentage is usually between 2.5-10% (up to a preset maximum limit), and is taken up by the casino itself. In tournament games, the rake percentage is generally higher, between 10-25%. It may seem like an insignificant percentage, but casinos actually generate a significant revenue off the rake from a multitude of games. This is crucial for casinos as poker is a player-versus-player game, and thus the casino cannot profit off players' losses.

There are also other kinds of rake, such as being part of the entry fee for poker tournaments. Another type of rake is known as 'time rack', or 'seat charge': instead of having a percentage of the buy-in taken up by the casino, the rake is charged according to the duration of the game (for example, every 30 minutes). However, time rack is only used for live games on online casinos.

What is Rakeback?

Rakeback, therefore, is a portion of the rake given back to players, generally as part of a player-rewards system. The percentage for rakeback is usually between 25-33%, with some online casinos, however, offering more to be more attractable to new players. It is very important to note that whilst rake is taken in conventional casinos, rakeback is only found on online casinos. If you are curious which online casinos offer rakeback check out to get the latest news and find online casinos who offer rakeback.

There are two ways how Rakeback is calculated:

  • 'Dealt' or 'shared' rakeback: every player is repaid equally by the casino according to the amount of rake: for example, if the rake is €1 and there are five players, then each player receives €0.20.
  • 'Contributed' rakeback: players are repaid depending on their contribution to the pot: for example, if the player contributed €25 to a pot of €100, and the rake is €4, that player receives €1.

However, not every casino offers rakeback: some casinos only give rakeback as part of a negotiation between the casino and players who typically play rather frequently. Other casinos employ different player-rewards programmes instead of rakeback, such as 'cashback', where a player can exchange player-points for money.

Why Use Rakeback?

Rakeback is extremely beneficial for players who would like to earn extra money from their games, or to decrease the amount of money they lose when losing a game. Furthermore, rakeback is the difference between profit and breakeven for players, such as 'rakeback pros', that depend on rakeback to gain massive profits by simultaneously participating in several games, despite multiple losses.

Don’t underestimate Rakeback at casino online

The importance of rakeback, which is essentially a small refund of the rake, itself a portion of the buy-in that every player has to pay to play for money, should not be underestimated. Rakeback is necessary to maximize profit and minimize losses; furthermore, not opting for rakeback would be just losing money.


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