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The popularity of poker gaming has grown enormously since players have been able to play online without needing to enter bricks and mortar casinos or a live card rooms.

Millions of players are enjoying affordable poker entertainment thanks to excellent online card rooms. Reputable poker rooms are secure, well regulated by reliable gambling commissions and offer quality poker for recreational as well as professional players.

Poker software is technologically advanced offering many user friendly features not found in a live poker room. The biggest advantages are convenience and game variety.

Poker is played from home or on a mobile device at any time that the player feels inclined to enjoy a game or tournament. Players can choose poker game variants rarely offered in live casinos and card rooms.


Different Types of Poker Games

There are various types of poker games you can play online. Below we’ve listed the four most popular ones at the moment.


Texas Hold’em: The easiest and most popular game variant in ring games and tournaments. Every poker player should begin with Texas Hold’em before moving on to more complicated game variants. We have an in depth description of Texas Hold’em Poker with the rules of the game here at Classic Poker.

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Omaha High Poker: A community card game similar to Texas Hold’em but the players are dealt four cards rather than two. At showdown, each player’s hand is the best five-card hand made from exactly three of the five cards on the board, plus exactly two of the player’s own cards. The game takes longer and requires more skill than Texas Hold’em. Learn the exact rules of Omaha High Poker here at Classic Poker.

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Omaha High Low Poker: The Omaha High/Lo poker game is played exactly in the same way as Omaha High. However, the pot is divided between the best hand for high and the best hand for low – giving the name, Omaha High/Low. Learn the exact rules of Omaha High/Low here at Classic Poker.

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Seven Card Stud: Regarded by many as the ‘puerest’ version of poker, 7 Card Stud was played long before Texas Hold’em and Omaha became popular. We have an in-depth article about 7 Card Stud here at Classic Poker.

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Playing Online Poker Means Playing at Your Own Pace

Typically, live venues hosting poker games can be quite intimidating for novice players especially when high rollers are sitting around with ‘poker faces’ staking huge amounts of cash on ring games.

Ground based casinos charge a lot of rake in order to earn money from poker games and set high buy in fees for tournaments. These days most regular ground based casinos prefer to replace poker tables with slot machines that bring plenty of money to the house.

Rake structure varies in each online poker room. We have an article here at Classic Poker describing typical Rake structure in detail. Players can familiarize themselves with the subject.

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Learn to Play Poker in Your Online Poker Room without Pressure

Most reputable online poker rooms offer poker tutorials of different levels for both new and experienced players.

The tutorials are clearly explained by poker professionals and often supported with close up videos showing card combinations and hand rankings.


Hand Rankings

Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards with the cards ranked from high to low in a specific order. There are 4 suits of cards for each rank and it is the hand rankings that decide the outcome of poker games. We have an excellent article here at Classic Poker about hand rankings.

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Poker Rules

The rules of poker must be learned before attempting to play poker games. A general set of poker rules typically apply to most types of poker games as do hand rankings. Recreational poker players won’t need to learn additional rules in order to play the usual types of poker games offered in our recommended card rooms.

Learning poker rules may sound like an obvious thing to do but many players stumble into poker with friends and never learn the rules correctly. Without learning the basic rules, players can’t realize their full potential and make the money that they should! We have posted articles here at Classic Poker explaining poker rules clearly in no nonsense English.

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Learn the Poker Jargon

Everybody who plays poker must learn the poker ‘jargon’ in order to understand exactly what is going on in a game. Learning poker terms is essential with online play as there is live chat between players in the card rooms that uses specific poker terminology.

You don’t need to reveal your ignorance of poker jargon to anybody. Simply read through our Poker Dictionary here at Classic Poker and you will feel as cool as everybody at the poker table.

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