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Published on 4. May 2016 | by Roz

PokerStars Free Knock Out Poker Tickets Offer

PokerStars is running an incredibly lucrative Knock Out Poker offer for all new players registering a PokerStars account by the 12th May 2012. Play on desktop or your mobile device on the move.

Get 15 Free Knock Out tickets worth $15 and play in rewarding MTT and Sit & Go tournaments with the thrilling Knock Out format.

Knock Out tournaments see a lot more players being rewarded for their poker skills making them a lot more exciting!

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PokerStars Knock Out Poker Tournaments

Knock Out tournaments at PokerStars are extremely rewarding Sit & Go and Multi-table tournaments with a special twist. Players win cash prizes just by knocking out other players at the poker tables even if they don’t finish in the money!

There is a prize pool for the players who finish in the money but it’s a smaller part of the total prize money. Half the cash from the total prize pool is awarded as Knock Out prizes to players on the way to the final showdown.

Get Your Free PokerStars Knock Out Ticket Bundle

Just by signing up to PokerStars and entering the Star Code GET4FREE into the poker client, you get a bundle of 15 free Knock Out Poker tickets worth $15 in total.

That’s a total of $15 credited to your PokerStars account at the rate of $5 worth of Knock Out tickets every day for three consecutive days. You don’t need to do anything more than enter the Star Code when you register your new account.

Every ticket is valid for seven days from the day of issue giving every player ample time to savour the amazing Knock Out tournaments at PokerStars.

There are multiple offers currently running at PokerStars related to the Knock Out tournaments. Check out the Knock Out Poker challenges where you can win a share of $120,000 of prizes and cash every week.

The rules for playing in any PokerStars Knock Out tournament are posted on the website so don’t stress needlessly. Contact the support team at PokerStars for any extra info you want about the PokerStars Knock Out Poker offer and you will be ‘knocked out’ by the fast and friendly response.

PokerStars has more than 100 million registered players from all over the world enjoying fabulous poker games and tournaments around the clock.

Play on your desk top or enjoy the full PokerStars Poker client on your mobile device by downloading the secure, FREE poker app at PokerStars.

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