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Published on 25. May 2015 | by Frank Walsh

Players of All Levels are Welcome to Betsafe Poker Black

At Betsafe Poker Black every new member is welcomed wholeheartedly with a generous welcome deal which includes 6 tickets to rewarding freeroll tournaments available exclusively to new players. The freeroll tourneys have prize pools of €500 each affording new players the opportunity to give their bankrolls a very nice boost to start out their poker ‘careers’ at Betsafe.

In addition there are 5 ‘welcome’ bonus amounts to choose from starting at €25, climbing through €75, €250, €500 right up to €1,000 for those players who play a lot of poker and at higher stakes. Each bonus has its own wagering requirements carefully set out next to them which need to be fulfilled within 60 days through playing at real money ring games and in tournaments earning the stipulated status points.

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Well presented Information in the Poker School

Everybody is entitled to access the Betsafe Poker School for free as often as they like by clicking on the designated tab on the home page. The poker school is really worth browsing through as all the necessary ‘chat expressions’ and poker jargon is set out for players to learn and the rules for several types of Poker games are simply explained, giving ‘rookies’ the chance to learn to play poker ‘from scratch’ and helping casual players to refresh and add to their knowledge of poker.

The Hand rankings are very well explained putting players on a sound footing when they begin playing in the card room. Betsafe poker is an online card room that has won awards for its outstanding software making it an obvious choice for players or potential players to begin playing online. The software features are attractive and very convenient making every poker game and tournament highly entertaining.

At Betsafe Poker you are guided to begin with the classic Texas Hold’em poker game where each player is dealt 2 ‘hole’ cards and shares 5 community cards with other players, and go on to learn to play Omaha where the players have 4 ‘hole’ cards dealt to them and share 5 community cards making the game more unpredictable and very exciting.

7 Card Stud is played with an ante posted before the game begins instead of the usual blinds and each player is dealt 7 cards directly rather than sharing community cards making this a completely different game variant.

The 5 Card Draw poker game is usually with 5 players at a table each dealt 5 cards and with two blinds posted. After the first betting round, players are entitled to ‘trade’ in up to 4 cards in order to form the best possible hand with the 5 cards held.

The Texas Hold’em game variant is a must for all players as most online tournaments are in this format and live poker events are also in this format unless otherwise stated in the tournament information.

Set up your account now at Betsafe Poker Black and discover a truly superb card room offering consistently good quality entertainment in a secure environment.



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