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Published on 25. February 2016 | by Roz

Play Along With The Pros With The Free PokerStars Playalong App

PokerStars image for Playalong app

Wouldn’t you love to find out just how good you are at top level tournament poker in comparison to the high roller poker pros?

It may have been a pipe dream in the past but PokerStars have launched an amazing FREE mobile app, the Playalong App for the EPT and its out there for all PokerStars players to download.

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Play Along and Predict the Tournament Moves

Everybody with the exclusive PokerStars Playalong app is invited to predict what moves the top players will make next at the EPT tables. You make your prediction and then you see the tournament player’s move, allowing you to compare your poker performance to the top poker players in the world.

It’s a totally immersive experience and turns you into the poker pros ‘apprentice’ which is the next best thing to being a magician’s apprentice no doubt.

The free PokerStars Playalong app is absolutely unique in that allows PokerStars members to compare their skills in real time with those of the top poker players in the world while they play at the EPT tables!

You accumulate points for every good move you make in the tournament, giving you the right to brag and compare results with your friends. Post your results on Facebook and let everybody out there see just how good you are. You will see yourself improving in poker skill as the EPT season progresses preparing you for a professional poker career!


PokerStars Playalong Lets You ‘Play with’ the Pros in Every EPT

There are no catches or tricks with the PokerStars Playalong app even though it sounds too good to be true! You simply set up your account with PokerStars and go to the Special Offers tab on the landing page to click on ‘Playalong’.

The apps are available for download on the promo page and whether you have an iOS or Android powered device, there’s an app there for you for free. Follow the simple steps on how to download the app that suits your mobile device and you are all set to ‘be transported into the centre of the EPT action’.

Use your free playalong app whilst watching EPT poker on terrestrial TV or PokerStars TV. It also works while you watch PokerStars EPT tournaments on the PokerStars You Tube channel. The great thing is that you don’t need to pay to get a seat in the tournament or travel beyond your doorstep to be involved in the sizzling action up close and personal.

PokerStars has standard free mobile apps in addition to the Playalong app so sign up at PokerStars and get yourself up to speed on your mobile device.

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