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Published on 27. June 2016 | by Roz

Learn To Win at PokerStars Poker School For Free

At PokerStars the PokerSchoolOnline is seriously engaging and turns attentive newbies and experienced poker players into potential big winners in the world famous card room.

You may think that poker schools are dead boring and a load of rubbish without any real value to the ‘students’. That’s a pretty short sighted attitude to take and will do nothing to boost your bankroll.

It will likely see you crushed at the tables by the players who took the courses and tips offered at PokerStars for free by the winning poker professionals.

Become a skilled poker player by joining PokerStars and pursuing a poker ‘career’ in parallel to your every day occupation.

You may end up chucking in your day job once the really big bucks start flowing in the cash ring games and tournaments at PokerStars.

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Free Poker Courses and Training at The Tables

The PokerSchoolOnline is open to all registered members of the PokerStars community and bearing in mind that it costs nothing to sign up to PokerStars, it’s totally free to take the incredibly educational lessons.

The numerous poker courses are divided into lessons about poker basics, cash games, single table tournaments, multi-table tournaments  and video tutorials with exciting explanations and great examples.

The courses have been created by the PokerStars poker pros and explain poker from the most basic level to the most advanced.

The great thing about all the courses is that they are very easy to understand and you can ‘study’ them as many times as you like as there’s nobody there to judge or control you.

Once you are ready to apply your new poker knowledge at the tables, you are invited to participate in free tournaments with real money prizepools guaranteed by PokerStars and to get involved in thrilling promotional poker games and tournaments designed to be fun and rewarding.

Everybody Wants to Be a Winner!

Most of us learned to play poker casually from friends and family and to save face and be ‘cool’ not may of us want to admit that there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Let’s not lose sight of the objective in every real money game and tournament that you enter…to win a share of the prize pool as well as enjoy the poker experience.

PokerStars does everything to make their poker players into satisfied winners and that explains why more than 100 million players have registered account with PokerStars since 2001 making it the biggest online poker room on the planet.

Join PokerStars and get a welcome bonus up to $600 with 90 days given to fulfil the wagering conditions attached to the bonus offer.

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