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Published on 13. December 2014 | by Frank Walsh

Knock Out Poker Week Features In PokerStars December Festival

starsKnock-out poker tournaments are extremely exciting at any time but at PokerStars you will always find scintillating, big money tournaments where players have a bounty on their heads and win extra cash when they manage to knock out their opponents. During the whole month of December 2014, PokerStars are hosting an unparalleled Poker Festival that is designed to bring the year to a memorable end with more than $15 million in prize money lined up for the happy winners.

The various events are spread out over the month with the 2nd week of December dedicated to huge money poker tournaments in the Knock-Out format with $5 million up for grabs. These Knock-out tournaments are quite separate from the usual tournaments offered under the Knock-out challenge tournaments that are available at PokerStars throughout the year.


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From Monday 8th to Sunday 14th December, players can enter numerous Knock-Out and Progressive Knock-Out tournaments with the final main event scheduled on the Sunday at 12.30pm ET. There are 7 big money Knock-out tournaments scheduled on that Sunday with buy in fees as low as $11, $27, $55 and $82 rising to $109 and $215 for the 12.30 pm event, so make sure that you check out the detailed information posted on the website under December Festival, Knock-Out Week.

Every day of the Knock-out Week has 5 tournaments listed with start times spread throughout the day making the tournament offerings suitable for all players no matter what their daily commitments happen to be. Players can enter the Knock-out tourneys simply by entering satellite tournaments or by following the instructions detailed in every players Knock-out Week Challenges described in the ‘Personal Challenge Window’ that every registered PokerStars customer will find in his or her account during the December Festival promotional period.


Try out Both Types of Knock out Tournament

A standard Knock-out tournament requires players to contribute a small amount of the required tournament buy in fee to the special bounty pot and when players are eliminated, a bounty is paid in the form of a cash prize to the person who succeeded in eliminating the player from the tournament.

A progressive Knock-out tournament is even more exciting as the person who has succeeded in ‘knocking out’ a player sees his or her personal bounty increased with every successful ‘hit’ making that player an even greater target. The tournament becomes a thrilling multi-table poker ‘hunt’ which really gets the adrenalin flowing as you attempt to stay ahead of your opponents who have their eyes on you and the ever growing bounty sitting on your head.

The bounty prize is in addition to the usual tournament wins giving some extra spice to a fabulous PokerStars tournament. Register your new account now with PokerStars by clicking on our link below. You will be eligible to a match deposit bonus of up to $600 giving you a superb start at the poker tables!

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