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Published on 11. March 2015 | by Frank Walsh

Get Your Daily Tournament Dose of Omaha at PokerStars

starsPokerStars is offering players a very interesting selection of Omaha Poker tournaments every day of the week giving members of the vast poker community of more than 50 million people, registered with PokerStars an exciting choice. The guaranteed ‘Omania’ tournaments have prize pools of between $2,500 and $10,000 with ‘buy ins’ of as little as $5.50 making them fun and affordable.

Since the popularization of poker as a result of online card rooms during the 1990s, the Texas Hold’em poker game variant has dominated the world of poker both online and at live events. It is said that the Texas Hold’em card game is an amalgam of several card games with a very long history that cannot be clearly traced, however it is fair to say that it was probably played in 1900 in Robstown Texas giving the variant its unforgettable name and soon after in Dallas Texas where it became a firm favourite very quickly.

The ‘World Series of Poker’ tournament held in Las Vegas every year since the 1970s features the Texas Hold’em poker game variant as its official game and this prompted the poker game variant to be adopted all over the world. Whilst Texas Hold’em is simple to learn as the rules are straighforward, it requires practice and some mathematical talent to develop the skill required to become a true star. People are attracted to the game as they can hone their skills and significantly improve their chances of winning large sums of money without relying on chance alone as is the case with many games played in casinos such as Roulette and slot machines.


Comprehensive Video Tutorials for Free

PokerStars was launched online in the year 2000 and took steps very early on to expand the choice of poker formats on offer in its card room but most live events have continued to favour the Texas Hold’em poker game. Omaha sees the players dealt 4 hole cards as opposed to the two in Texas Hold’em and requires a higher level of skill making it a perfect choice for players who have become confident in the game of Texas Hold’em and are seeking the challenge of advancing to a ‘tougher’ type of poker game.

Players who think they can win in Omaha poker by sheer luck will usually suffer a depleted bank roll very quickly so it is important to start off with Texas Hold’em and graduate to Omaha with time and experience making it a wise and favourable choice. At PokerStars there are excellent video tutorials available with professional players explaining the rules and giving those all important tips that every player needs to gain an edge in any game.

Hand examples are shown and a broad selection of Omaha games are explained clearly so that the players can decide which game format appeals to them when they decide to move into the world of ‘Omaha’ poker. Register your account now with PokerStars through the fast link below and get a match deposit bonus of up to $600 as a warm welcome to the biggest card room on the planet.

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