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Published on 7. April 2015 | by Frank Walsh

Fabulous Poker Opportunities Especially for Women at PokerStars

starsWomen poker players receive a lot of recognition at PokerStars with a whole section on the website dedicated to women who would like to enjoy a community spirit at PokerStars with other women who share the passion in the game.

It is a fact that there are more registered female players at PokerStars than on any other poker site and it has to be because they are offered exclusive poker tournaments, promotions and live events that make PokerStars the natural choice. The Women’s Sunday tournament is the highlight of the week with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 and a buy in of just $55 for those who don’t want to win their seat through the daily satellite tournaments.

It must be said that Poker has historically been a game dominated by the male of the species especially before the arrival of online poker rooms. Most women did not enjoy the unwanted attention given to them in clubs that featured poker at the tables so there was a low attendance rate. When the internet saw the launch of online card rooms and PokerStars in particular, women came into their own as every player uses a poker nickname which does not necessarily reflect the gender of the person playing.

Women can participate in the most challenging online events and at cash ring games with fellow members of PokerStars without disclosing their gender and not getting any ‘comments’ from other players. PokerStars has always selected brilliant women players to join the professional team that represents the brand both online and in the numerous live events held around the world. New female players who have proven themselves online are invited to join the PokerStars pros leading to more women taking an interest in the game and showing their talents to the world with great pride.


Tweet Your Opinions

PokerStars Women has a number of interesting features including a very active Twitter page where the players tweet their comments and stay in touch with each other. The Twitter page is used for reporting tournament results, promotions that are being launched and there are plenty of photos contributed by members. Read the blogs that make PokerStars so interesting and find out how you can make your contribution to the Twitter page. Discover the videos from PokerStars Women on simply by clicking on the videos tab at the top of the page.

You can watch past tournaments and interviews with the pros and regular women players who have won big by playing online and at live events which are laid on especially for women.

There is a great atmosphere with excellent social interaction amongst the women members of PokerStars and you can be one of them simply by registering an account with PokerStars by clicking on our link below. Even if you don’t know how to play poker there is no problem as the free online poker school is absolutely outstanding and will have you ready to ‘hit’ the tables in next to no time.

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