Published on 22. June 2015 | by Frank Walsh

Dual Sport Betting Opportunities with Betfair

betfair-300x300Betfair Sport sent shock waves through the world of sports betting in the year 2000 with the launch of the revolutionary Betting Exchange and in 2012 added a traditional style sportsbook online platform giving customers the best of both worlds.

Betfair Sport is the bookmaker for people who like to ‘think outside the box’ giving betting enthusiasts the opportunity to place bets in the way that has been done since time immemorial OR to experience a new concept in betting which allows people to bet against an outcome occurring. The betting exchange created by Betfair is the largest in the world attracting millions of customers to place several million bets each day taking Betfair to the pinnacle of the sport betting industry.


Risk Free Bet Bonus for New Exchange Customers

Betfair has a superb reputation for transparency and integrity offering its customers a great quality service with great odds on both sport betting sites. The Betting Exchange rewards new customers who register an account without having an existing sport betting account with Betfair a £€20 free bet if they place a losing bet of at least €£20 within 7 days of opening the account. It’s a brilliant offer as it gives new customers the opportunity to try out the options on the betting exchange without worrying about the outcome.

There are comprehensive instructions available in the Betfair Help Centre accessible with a click on the dedicated ‘Help’ button on how to use the Betfair Exchange so all new customers can research the concept before starting out. The Betfair Exchange has caused a great deal of controversy in the industry as it offers odds across sports betting markets which are around 20% better than those offered by the main online bookmakers. Customers can use the exchange for ‘traditional’ style betting where they simply act as ‘backers’ in the sports markets and let other customers match their bets as ‘layers’. In plain language a backer is the person who bets that a team or an athlete will win and a layer is the person who bets that the team or athlete will lose.

Betfair is simply providing a platform online where it brings together the backers and layers at the same odds and for a bet of the same monetary value. It acts as a commission agent using state of the art software to match the opposing sides very fast and in total security ensuring that there can be no disputes about the outcome. The commission ranges between 5% and 2% depending on the volume of trade done by the customer but it still makes it a potentially profitable process and this is reflected in the number of people who have joined Betfair since it set up the Exchange online.


Generous Welcome for Betfair Sportsbook Customers

New customers living in the UK and Ireland joining the traditional Betfair Sportbook get a fabulous welcome when they place a bet of least £10 within 30 days of registering the account. The customer gets three FREE bets worth £10 each to use in the sportbook with all the profits credited to the customer when they win their bets. There are numerous attractive features on the Betfair Sport website making it an outstanding bookmaker to choose for your sport betting entertainment.

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