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Published on 20. March 2016 | by Roz

Discover the Superb 888Poker Rewards Program

Everybody loves getting rewards, especially when they don’t have to do anything special or time consuming to get them. At 888Poker your rewards accumulate automatically as soon as you set up your 888Poker account and start playing at any of the real money cash tables and tournaments.

Your reward points are exchangeable for exciting gifts and goodies, tournament tickets and cashback to your 888Poker account.

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Reward Program Structure

Status points and Reward points are allocated to players in parallel as they wager real money at 888Poker. The status points determine the status level that players achieve in the 888Poker Reward Program. The higher a player’s status, the higher the percentage of cash back accruing to that player.

There are 10 separate status levels at 888Poker, each with a higher status points threshold. As soon as you accumulate sufficient status points to pass to the next level you are moved up automatically even if it’s in the middle of the month.

You get to keep that status level until the end of the NEXT calendar month even if you don’t earn the points required in that time period.

You can have a break or go on vacation without worrying about losing your hard earned status at 888Poker.

The biggest cash back percentages are awarded to players who achieve the coveted VIP status  levels in the reward program. The plain VIP status level is achieved with 60,000 status points and the VIP Diamond level requires a player to accumulate 300,000 status points.

It’s the high stake poker pros who get to the VIP Diamond status level as status points are calculated on the amount of rake contributed at the poker tables and the buy in fee paid to enter tournaments.

Keep Track of Your Reward Points

At any moment in time you can go to your Personal Rewards Page in your 888Poker account and see the way your status is shaping up.

You can keep track of your points over the whole year as well as month by month. There is also a display at every real money poker table showing you a constantly updated display of your reward points total for the month.

You can decide whether to grind a little longer and get to the next status level before packing in for the day at 888Poker.

When a new month begins, your Monthly Status progress bar is re-set at zero but your accumulated points are not lost. The points are moved to the yearly status overview which is only brought back to zero at the end of each year.

It’s definitely worth hanging on to your points as long as you possibly can so as to get the best cash back from 888Poker and the most fabulous gifts and goodies in the 888Poker online shop. The higher your status in the reward program the more your reward points are worth.

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