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Published on 11. December 2009 | by Frank Walsh

Classic Poker Tournament Overlay

The recent 5 weeks our Sunday €100,000 guaranteed poker tournament have had great overlays which poker tournament players have been able to profit out of. The biggest overlay has been more than €30,000 and the smallest €13,000 which makes our Sunday guaranteed tournament a great value tournament to play. The winner will take home more than €20,000 regardless of the amount of fellow poker players who join the tournament and with less than 600 players to beat most weeks, then this tournament is a lot easier to take home than tournament fields where many thousand players need to be beaten before a win is secured. Qualifiers to the Sunday €100,000 guaranteed run daily and can be found in the tournament lobby.

Player who does not exactly knows what an overlay is, should read this part or otherwise continue to read about the Bad Beat Jackpot below.

The buy in of €140 in the €100,000 guaranteed Sunday tournament mean that €100,000/140= 714 poker players is required for Classic Poker to break even in terms of the guaranteed prize pool- with as little as 498 players entering the tournament November 1, Classic Poker had to pay players the difference of €30,280 or on average €60 per player that participated in our Sunday guarantee. If more than 714 players enter then the prize pool will simply grow beyond €100,000 and the winner and all other players will receive a bigger win than if the prize pool stays at €100,000.

The Classic Poker Bad Beat Jackpot stands at more than €335,000 December 11 and with the requirement of quad sixes to be beaten this is by far the easiest jackpot to take home. Remember it is only the special Bad Beat Jackpot tables that qualify for the monster prize the winner will receive in case he is dealt the “unlucky” hand. All players dealt cards will share in the Bad Beat Jackpot if it hits on the table they are at. The last winner took home an astonishing €210,000 with the players dealt in to the hand receiving €15,000 each.

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