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Published on 10. December 2009 | by Frank Walsh

Classic Poker software upgrade January 14

On January 14 our software will once again be upgraded and get improved functionalities implemented in several areas.

Waiting list improvement:

In the new Classic Poker release players will now be allowed to join the waiting list from a table and not only from the lobby. Players looking to play against specific players can now use our player search function and go to the tables where the specific player play then join the waiting list from there.

Improved multi-tabling functionality:

From January 14 players can decide if they want the poker tables to be pushed to the front of the screen when it is their turn to act in a game or choose the option to see that it is their turn to act with a blinking taskbar function. This improvement will make multi-tabling a lot easier and players will find this a great new feature.

Improved resizing graphics:

We have changed both the text and card graphics when players resize tables. This will ensure a far better quality of the look of the tables regardless of the size chosen.

Due to the upgrade of the software the poker room will be unavailable from January 14 03:00 GMT until 08:00 GMT. The downtime of the software is subject to changes which will be announced per email to players.

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