Published on 12. June 2016 | by Roz

Betsafe Casino In Poker: Win Prizes and Cash

We love playing poker at Betsafe but why should it only be about poker now that they have re-vamped the card room adding around 150 stunning casino games.

No reason to set up a separate Betsafe Casino account and no need for a new user name and password to add to that long list that never seems to stop growing every time you need to do anything online.

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Perfect Leisure Time with Betsafe Casino In Poker

Most people would agree that nobody enjoys waiting ages for fellow poker players to consider their hands, taking up your precious leisure time whilst slowly making every move at the table.

Let’s not pretend that we love hanging around waiting for a tournament to start and how boring is it waiting for enough players to sit down at the cash tables before the game can start?

The guys at Betsafe could see the dilemma and put their heads together coming up with a brilliant casino in poker addition to the card room.  Casino in Poker provides hot casino action ‘slightly’ away from the ‘main attraction’ which is of course the poker tables, but without taking poker players away to another venue.

You are always a click away from your cash ring game or tournament as you keep your poker table visible on your screen whilst playing casino games at the same time.

The seriously exciting aspect of the new Betsafe Casino in Poker concept is that players who play at least 50 spins on the slots or participate in 50 rounds of casino games every Friday to Wednesday are automatically registered to play in the ‘Weekly Casino Sidegames Freeroll’ at Betsafe Poker.

The top 50 finishers in the sidegames tournament each week get rewarded with 10 free spins on the slot game selected by the Betsafe team that week.

Betsafe Poker Monthly Free Spins Bonanza

Opt in with your poker alias for the Betsafe Poker Monthly Free Spins Bonanza promo and play as many raked hands as you can to win a huge number of free spins every month on a thrilling slot game selected by the team at Betsafe.

The last time we looked it was ‘Game of Thrones’ so you can sure that you will be really pleased with your free spins prize.

If you play more than 3,000 raked hands in a calendar month you get 20 free spins credited to your account. Play between 1,000 and 2,999 raked hands for 15 free spins and get 10 free spins when you play between 500 and 999 raked hands.

Check out this Betsafe Poker Review >> and start playing Casino in Poker for your massive rewards at Betsafe Poker.


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