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Published on 29. January 2015 | by Frank Walsh

Attend PokerStars VIP Club Live Events in Your Country Using FPPS

starsEvery real money poker player at PokerStars is automatically entered into the outstanding reward scheme, the VIP Club which is an integral part of the PokerStar community currently standing at more than 50 million strong. You launch your VIP membership at the BronzeStar level and it is up to you to propel yourself through to the top of the seven levels based on the amount of money you contribute in rake during cash games and the level of buy in that you pay for a seat in tournaments. Your status level is determined by the number of VIP Points accumulated monthly in the card room with these points are earned from real money play.

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For every dollar of rake contributed to the pot in each raked hand you receive 5 VPPs with the exact rate for each currency available on the dedicated VIP Club page. VPPs determine your level in the VIP Club and at the same time as earning VPPs you earn Frequent Player Points or FPPs depending on your VIP status level. The higher your status, the more FPPs you receive for every VPP earned at real money poker games and tournaments.

FPPs are for use as currency in the VIP Store where you can buy into valuable tournaments with massive guaranteed prizepools and for tokens to play at cash tables where you could convert your FPPs into massive wins. The VIP store has a superb selection of merchandize with the PokerStars logo on them, poker equipment, clothing and excellent books about poker written by famous poker pros. FPPs can also be converted to cash giving your bankroll a welcome boost when you feel in need of one.

Uniquely Exciting VIP Live Events

Before you do anything rash with your FPPs make sure that you check out the locations and dates of the year’s VIP Club Live events listed under the dedicated tab ‘Community’ at PokerStars. Every year, PokerStars hosts several absolutely amazing VIP Club Live events in various cities around the world and you can buy your ticket to an event near you using your FPPs. PokerStars certainly knows how to party and you will never find an event quite like this one with Team Pokerstars professionals attending the parties along with renowned poker players, staff from PokerStars and fellow VIPs.

The events have copious amounts of food and drink on offer as well as funky music and an atmosphere that is totally unbeatable. The event location within the city is always something special adding to that VIP feel. Plenty of fun games are set up to amuse everybody attending, making the whole party unforgettable. To view live videos of events that took place in 2014 in Sao Paolo, Brazil and Hamburg, Germany go to the Live Events page and prepare to be amazed. Register your account with PokerStars today using our link below and get your 100% match deposit bonus up to $600 as a very generous welcome to the card room.

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