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Classicpoker.com is a wholly independent media which provides useful and general information on gambling to its audience. Through a variety of news articles, reviews, and blog posts, we showcase a list of international sports betting sites and casinos. We are the resource of choice for many users who choose us to provide them with all that is happening in the gambling world, including special offers and promotions which they can avail from.

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As a user, you have the right to know our terms and conditions. We invite you to read through this page to understand our processes better. By continuing to use our site you are automatically agreeing to all the terms of use. We also invite you to read our Cookie & Private Policy to better understand how we gather and use personal data.

Website Content

All the information and links found on our site should be used in a legal and responsible manner. As the user, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are over the legal age to view gambling related material. From our end, we do our best to provide factual and updated information, reviews and offers.

We ask that our users remember that the content which we provide is to be only used for information purposes. Whilst we endeavor to keep the content up to date you should always verify the information prior to registering with one of our partners. Promotions and sign-up benefits, for example, may have a very short validity period and might not be valid when you sign up.

Limitation of Our Liability

We cannot guarantee the validity or correctness of the content on our site. As a result, Classicpoker.com cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of our site and outward links. Furthermore, we cannot be held liable for damages as a result of:

  • any downtime of our site
  • any loss of profits, revenue, sales or business
  • dependence on any content from our site
  • any loss of goodwill, reputation or business opportunity

Intellectual Property Rights

All content published on this site is the property of or licensed to XYZ. As a result, all website material is covered under international copyright laws and treaties, including the jurisdiction which you are currently accessing this website from. You are, therefore, not allowed to use any content or material from this website for your own commercial gain.

Our website is to be viewed for private purposes and not for commercial gain or interests. As mentioned in Section 3 we cannot be held liable for any damages caused by the use of our website.

Unless proven to be false, discriminatory, sexually explicit, threatening, in violation of any international law or in breach of a person’s privacy, we reserve the right not to entertain content removal requests.


We do our very best to provide a safe environment to our users, but we are unable to guarantee a 100% secure site which is free from viruses. As the user, you are primarily responsible for your devices’ own protection.

Classicpoker.com cannot be held liable for any damages or loss as a result of a virus or any other virtual attack. This cover includes any damage caused by the download of any software from our site or the use of any links.

It is illegal to misuse our website and attempt to infect it or attack it with malware. Law enforcement authorities will always be informed in such cases and your privilege to use our site will be immediately withdrawn.

External Links and Resources

All links published on our site are for information purposes and are mostly used to direct users to our online business partners. We have no control or liability over the content featured on these websites and cannot be held responsible should any loss or damage arise from their use.

Our users can link their website to ours, as long as it is done correctly, legally and does not cause any damage to our reputation. However, users are not allowed to link our website to any website they do not own without our prior permission. We reserve the right to withdraw permission to link our website at any time.

It’s good to point out that our terms and conditions are updated every so often and can always be viewed on this page.

Last updated on 16th November 2018

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