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Welcome to the Cookies & Privacy Policy section of our website. We at always try to bring you the best experience from our games, news and events. In order to seamlessly load the website on your devices and provide you with a stellar browsing experience, our website uses cookies that are stored on your device when you visit our site. This page discusses in detail our policies related to those cookies.

On our website we provide an option to turn cookies on or off while browsing. In case you continue to browse the site without making any changes to your setting, this will indicate an implicit agreement to the cookie and privacy policy of Since we want our visitors to have the best experience, we strongly recommend that you allow cookies from the website.

An Introduction to Cookies

Cookies are automatically generated files with pieces of information that store certain data about a user and the current session. These files are typically only a few kilobytes. Once you browse a web-page, these files are downloaded onto your system through the browser software.

Typically cookies store a variety of non-sensitive data such as the currently used browser, IP address, country, location, session length, last log in date and time, user specific details, pages visited, products viewed, browsing patterns etc.

The information stored is used to enhance the user experience and is a big part of the intelligent browsing results you see in modern websites. While using cookies, never stores any information that could be harmful to the visitor if accessed by a third party.

Types of Cookies

There are primarily 3 types of cookies based on the information they store and how that information is used. These are:

1. Functional Cookies: Also known as “Persistent Cookies”, these cookies are downloaded onto a visitor’s system and stay there until the next visit of the website. The purpose of these cookies is to remember all of the configurations and settings changes that you perform on a website such as the website.

Once you log back in, information from these cookies ensure that your previous settings are loaded automatically instead of you going through all the options and changes again and again. For example, if you are shopping at an online store and log out, the functional cookies ensure that the products added to your cart are displayed once you log back in. These cookies are regarded as “persistent” because they remain on your device between sessions and stay until you manually delete them.

2. Analytical Cookies: Used specifically for managing the website visitor details, the user base and upgrading the website to provide a better experience for users, these cookies track information such as visitor demographic, age, location, country, gender, interests and so on. The information collected thus is then used with some analytical tools to identify visitor patterns and also browsing pattern.

With this kind of information, we at can improve our website to better cater our diverse clientele and introduce features that best suit individual users. Using this analytical data also allows us to come up with different promotions from time to time which are topical and relevant. Google Analytics is a popular tool and it is also the tool of choice for

3. Session Cookies: As the name suggests, the scope of the session cookies is to remain only until you end your current session on a website by closing the web-page or the browser. Like the other two types of cookie, session cookies also serve very specific purposes relevant to your current session.

Session cookies will usually collect data on your user status, how long you have been logged in, what pages you have visited, the current page being browsed and so on. These session cookies are extremely useful if you log in from different devices with different screen sizes. With information from the session cookies the website automatically resizes itself based on the browsing device.

In order to ascertain the best performance of the platform and complete user satisfaction, we at employ all 3 types of cookies. If at any point you want to disable cookies, you can do so simply with the click of a few buttons from the settings and configuration page. But beware that your browsing experience may be affected significantly if you turn them off.

Policy Updates reserves the rights to change any part of this policy as and when it deems fit. Such changes are driven by several factors including but not limited to regulations, court orders, technological requirements and company policies. These changes will not be notified in advance hence you are requested to refer to this page from time to time to keep yourself abreast of any amendments.

Date of last update: 12.11.2018

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