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Published on 14. July 2016 | by Roz

Discover Thrilling Speed Poker at Bet365

Every poker player has experienced those kinds of poker games where things just don’t seem to advance at a fast enough pace.

It can be tedious and downright boring especially when you know you have somewhere to be and not much time left to get there. You can’t fold before the betting gets to you and you are just itching to get away!

Bet365 Poker has put an end to those kinds of frustrating situations by introducing Speed Poker to the card room and it’s proving to be a massive success. The rules are the same as a regular poker game, just faster.

Speed Poker is a great way to play poker when you are pressed for time or you simply want to feel that adrenaline packed thrill of a truly FAST paced game or tournament.

There’s no fixed table to watch in Speed Poker so you need to play to understand just how sizzling hot Speed Poker can be!


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Play Speed Poker

When you opt to play a Speed Poker cash game at Bet365 you are added to a pool of players wanting to play at the same levels and stakes as yourself and you can play up to four times as many hands in each hour.

Play at as several tables at once if you want a super adrenaline experience by entering the same pool of players several times.

Speed Poker tournaments feature the same ‘Speed Fold’ button as a cash game keeping up the pace of the tourney until the final table that’s played out as a standard tournament until the winning player is determined.

You are randomly seated at a table with other players and can opt to fold as soon as you have been dealt your initial cards if you don’t like them, without having to wait your turn.

Here’s the thing…you are seated immediately at another table with new players and dealt new cards. Every hand is played out with different players at a new table so nobody can track the way you play and use it against you.

Blinds are assigned to players who have been in the hand the longest without posting them. Every player is given a normal response time according the the amount of time they have in the time bank that’s re-set every few hands.

No Waiting at Bet365 Poker!

There are always loads of players wanting to play Speed Poker as Bet365 Poker is part of the massive iPoker Network that ‘s made up of  26 card rooms linked up to share in the games and tournaments on offer.

The iPoker network is the biggest online poker network and through the sheer numbers of ‘skins’ attached to the network can afford to guarantee tournaments with huge prize pools and offer rewarding promotions all the time.

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